Dental Implants

Long lasting and look great

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As good as having your own teeth back

Dental implants provide a great solution for broken or missing teeth. But not every dentist offers them. It takes additional skills and experience to make a good implantologist.

Dr Murphy has placed thousands of dental implants since completing a post graduate year course in 2005. His audited 5 year success rates are between 98-99% since 2012. He accepts referrals from many practices across the West of Scotland for implants- from individual missing teeth or stabilising dentures to replacing a whole jaw with bridgework. This is often about quality of function, not just cosmetic improvements.


How do dental implants work?

We need to prepare your mouth first. This may involve removing a broken or decayed tooth first. Your mouth might need then to heal for a while before we prepare the right size of cavity to take the implant.

This is usually made of titanium and takes the form of a hollow screw, which is engineered in different sizes to provide an accurate fit.

We let this attach to the bone before carrying out the next part of the procedure, adding a crown, bridge or denture - depending on your requirements. These are custom-made for you to make sure they match the look you want as closely as possible.

Why are implants so effective?

  • They help protect your other healthy teeth
  • They help keep the natural shape of your face
  • They have become a very successful form of dental treatment
  • They last a long time and tend to prove very stable
  • You worry less about what you eat
  • Closest thing to getting your original teeth back